Top 20 Real Estate Buying, Selling or Rental Apps/Sites

Owing to the technological advancements and digitization, real estate market is transforming with each passing day. Potential buyers, sellers or tenants seek of a reliable and safe way to get the needful real estate pieces in possession. People seeking to purchase, sell or rent a house can consider the real estate websites in Goa. For eminent deals and diverse pieces of residential houses, internet proves to be one top-notch search route. Here’s a list of apps/websites for real estate in Goa ensuring a reliable, budget-friendly and gratifying purchase, sale or renting aspects of houses.

[A] Top 10 Best Apps For Real Estate Issues

If you’re willing to buy or sell a property, consider the following mentioned real estate apps in Goa.

  1. PropTiger

This real estate app is widely used at a global level for ecstatic housing purchase, sales as well as rentals. Being a top-notch Real estate app for buyers, PropTiger ensures adequate suggestions and offers houses based on the buyers preferences. Even the sellers can list down their property on this suitable platform.

  1. MagicBricks

Instilled with advanced features like GPS facility to find out the person’s location, MagicBricks is one of the best Real estate apps in Goa. Also, you can contact homeowners within seconds for a rental house. Overall, the app is a total package for real estate enthusiasts.

  1. Relator

Offering real estate services across 33 countries and in 11 languages, Relator is undoubtedly one of the best Real estate apps for sellers. The app is a boon for even the tenants as it lists down the mortgage calculation facilely. With updates in every 15 minutes, Relator never runs out of eminent options for you.

  1. TheWadhwaGroup

Another top-notch real estate app in Goa is the one by Wadhwa Groups. The experts excel in real estate projects and reliable housing facilities. Recently, the group launched a well-developed app listed with all the latest real estate options available for buyers and tenants.

  1. NoBroker

Being an app that lets only house owners list down their property, potential buyers don’t have to get involved with any broker. No Broker is an eloquent real estate app for sellers due to lack of brokerage fee. The developers have made a checklist containing all the information related to house mandatory for consideration by buyers.

  1. Nestoria

Nestoria is an aggregator of the real estate apps in Goa. The app lists down top-notch housing options from eminent real estate apps available. When you select an option, you will be directed to the original page offering the piece of real estate.

  1. CommonFloor

CommonFloor is a top-notch real estate app in Goa. With this app by your side, you can choose to buy, sell or even rent an opulent house. Along with this, people can avail the map search facility for better results. Filters like size, amenities, bank approvals, rates and infrastructure further refines the search extravagantly.

  1. FlatChat

The app is purely designed for the connection between homeowners and people looking for rental houses. Also, the tenants can get in touch with other flatmates to share the house with. So, this real estate app for tenants makes the otherwise trouble-some process highly reliable and facile.

  1. Nestaway

If you’re looking for a well-furnished rental option, then Nestaway is the ideal real estate app for you. Being a sublime real estate app for tenants, it ensures that every little amenity in the house is in viable condition. Also, you can schedule visits via the app itself.

  1. Trulia

With this real estate app in Goa, every little real estate investment in goa is facile and reliable. Owing to the in-built GPS facilities and photo sliding options, you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, the crime map and cross device accessing features render it highly suitable.

[B] Top 10 Best Websites For Real Estate

After the ecstatic apps, it’s time for listing the best real estate websites in Goa for your next successful house purchase.


With listings across 25 countries all over the nation, 99acres is another platform to consider your housing investments. Owing to the top-notch features, the website appeals every homebuyer. This real estate website for buyers caters to almost every person associated with the real estate industry.

  1. Indiaproperty

Indiaproperty is your next stop for real estate purchases. The real estate website for buyers is highly appealing and lists down diverse options. Also, the description related to hot locations is available on the website. Not just the listing, Indiaproperty provides guidance related to housing loans as well.


With the launch of this real estate website in Goa, housing industry attained another level. The experts visit every property on their own and list down real pictures on the website. Along with the picture comes the description about each one of them in a slide-wise manner.

  1. Grabhouse

The website is another part of the original If you want to get a shared accommodation, Grabhouse is the best option available. Being the best website for real estate in Goa specializing in rentals, you can be sure of eminently furnished house.

  1. Propertwala

Propertywala website has one of the best user-friendly navigation and GPS features. This real estate website in Goa offers some of the best house options for buyers, seller and tenants. Along with this, the website guides you of ecstatic purchases in a reliable manner.

  1. Zillow

If family homes, apartments and rental houses are your requirement, consider this top-notch real estate website. Along with better property, mortgage options and loan facilities are also available with this website. Also, there are other features like voice search and map options.

  1. Quikrhomes

With options to purchase as well as rent houses, Quikrhomes appears to be one fine real estate website in Goa. Each option has the date of listing available for better availability aspects.


TTK Property Services has launched this eminent real estate website for buyers, seller and tenants. With appropriate filters and navigation options, you can get lists of reliable properties within seconds.


Location, specifications, conveniences, costs and design related comparative analysis can be attained within seconds on Being a reliable real estate website for buyers, it eliminates all the doubts pertaining in the buyers mind.

  1. has been one of the best real estate website in Goa for quite a while now. If you’re looking for a real estate investment near you, do consider this highly reliable platform offering diverse options.

Apps & Website To Buy Sell Rent Property in Goa
  • Apps & Websites To Help You Buy Property in Goa


Apps & Websites To Help You Buy Property in Goa

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